Welcome to Wolcott & Associates, P.A.

Wolcott & Associates, P.A. is a full-service CPA firm with a practice limited to aviation. Our services include preparation of aircraft-related federal and state tax returns, aviation financial reporting, structuring aircraft purchases and sales, and IRS and state aircraft audit defenses.

Let us assist you in maximizing your aircraft cash-flow and tax benefits, and minimize your aircraft tax liabilities.
  • Aircraft Owners, Buyers,
    Sellers, and Operators

    Aircraft Owners and Operators

    We assist buyers and sellers in structuring their transactions to provide the optimal tax and cash-flow benefits, and provide accounting, personal, and company tax return preparation for owners and operators.

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  • Airline Flight Crews

    Pilot and Flight Attendants

    Every year we prepare hundreds of pilot and flight attendant tax returns. We can help you get the airline-industry related deductions and benefits to which you are entitled. See our exclusive Per Diem and Flight Crew Expense calculators.

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  • Flight Tax Systems

    Flight Tax Systems

    Flight Tax Systems is proprietary web-based software that assists owners and operators with their taxes. The software tracks flights to prepare cost disallowance, SIFL, timeshare reporting, state mileage apportionment and leasing, SEC reporting, and a host of other services.

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  • Webinars and Tax Guides

    Webinars and Tax Guides

    We offer webinars on current aviation tax and financial topics. In addition, we publish tax guides to assist owners and operators in maximizing their tax benefits and minimizing tax liabilities. We also offer consultation with the author, Jed Wolcott.

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