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Pilot & Flight Crew Tax Returns

Each year Wolcott & Associates prepares hundreds of pilot and flight attendant tax returns and has expert knowledge of airline and aviation industry tax issues. We prepare each tax return with care and professionalism, regardless of the complexity. We can help you get the airline-industry related deductions and benefits to which you are entitled.

For local clients, we are conveniently located at FXE in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our offices are fully staffed, five days a week (excluding holidays), 52 weeks per year, not just during tax season. We hope to be your tax preparer. Visit our How to Get Started page or Contact us for more information.

Pilots and Flight Attendants are permitted to deduct a per diem travel allowance, based on their duty time and their ROM's (Remain Over Nights), as well as their travel and training-related business expenses.

Use our exclusive Per Diem Calculator software to track your deductible travel allowance, and our Flight Crew Expense Calculator to track your deductible travel business expenses. Includes all CONUS and OCONUS travel allowance tables.