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    Webinars Wolcott & Associates, P.A. is a full-service CPA firm with a practice limited to aviation. Our services include preparation of aircraft-related federal and state tax returns, aviation financial reporting, structuring aircraft purchases and sales, and IRS and state aircraft audit defenses.
  • Tax Issues For Owner Pilots 06/26/2014

    We created this webinar topic to supplement our Personal Use of Company Owned Aircraft and Entertainment Cost Disallowance webinars. We will cover the deductability of costs for your aircraft, split use, renting and leasing your aircraft to others, use by W-2 employees, training costs, depreciation, and preparing the aircraft tax return. This webinar is specifically for business aircraft owned by an individual and reported on a 1040 Schedule C.

    Date & Time: 06/26/14 12:00:AM ET
    Length: 1.0
    Level: Advanced

    This webinar will address the tax benefits from using your owner/pilot-flown aircraft for business purposes. This webinar is specifically for owners of aircraft where the business aircraft is owned by an individual. It is not intended for those who use a company provided aircraft and the aircraft is reported on an 1120S, 1120C or 1041. This webinar will include a discussion on: using your aircraft for business; personal (non-business) use of the aircraft; use of the aircraft by others (renting and leasing); writing off maintenance and training flights; deducting aircraft expenses by a W-2 employee; deductible expenses & gathering information for your accountant; and depreciation and reporting (deducting) the aircraft on your tax return.

    Cost: $98.00

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