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July 20, 2015

FAA Reauthorization Bill Delayed

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The House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee has delayed plans to release its proposed FAA reauthorization legislation.

The committee announced July 1 that they were informed by the House majority leader that consideration of the FAA reauthorization bill will be moved to September.

The current FAA authorization expires September 30, and the later reauthorization legislation is introduced in the House and Senate, the more difficult it becomes for the two bodies to reach agreement in advance of the deadline. In that case, the current authorization could be extended to allow congressional negotiations to continue.

The most recent FAA reauthorization measure was enacted following 23 consecutive short-term extensions that stretched from September 2007 - February 2012.

Additionally, NBAA has issued a Call to Action to Help Fight FAA Privatization, User Fees. Follow the link for more information and to utilize NBAA's online "Contact Congress" resource to oppose ATC Privatization and User Fees. 

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