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Per Diem Calculator

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Use our Exclusive Per Diem Calculator©
to Obtain Your Maximum Per Diem Tax Deduction!

Pilots, flight attendants and flight crews are entitled to deduct costs and expenses related to their business travel on their annual personal income tax return. Generally, flight crew members can deduct $500 to $1,500, or more, on their income tax return. Note that to claim your per diem allowance, you must be able to itemize deductions.

  • Designed solely for commercial flight crews.
  • Over 4,000 worldwide airports in our database.
  • Includes current U.S. and foreign standard per diem allowance rates for Meals, Incidentals and Expenses (MI&E).
  • Select either "Full Day" or "3/4 Day" to add the standard MI&E rate for that location.
  • Calculates the maximum Per Diem tax deduction, using CONUS or OCONUS rates.
  • Includes flight crew expense worksheets to help you remember all the deductions you are entitled to.
  • Add, delete or edit each day as necessary.
  • Print a detailed listing or summary at any time, or at year-end, for preparing your tax return.

Our Per Diem Calculator is designed to help pilots and flight attendants to obtain their maximum federal per diem tax deductions from their day and over-night travel. The Expense Calculator reminds pilots, flight crews, and flight attendants to log their travel-related purchases such as uniforms, suitcases, and other travel-related items.

The cost is only $50 per year. Once you have input all your information, you will be able to print detailed reports for use in preparing your tax return. If you choose to have us prepare your tax return, we will give you a $50 discount for using the Per Diem Calculator. REGISTER NOW!