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Pre-Recorded Webinars

Aircraft Owners: Schedule of Pre-recorded webinars
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Pre-recorded webinars are not awarded CPE, CLE, or Attendance certificates.

Course Description Date & Time Length Level Cost  
04/26/16 Intro FREE Purchase Access
Flight Tax Systems Advanced User’s Guide to Features & Reporting Part III

This 1 hour FREE WEBINAR will explain how Flight Tax Systems handles open jaw flights, accelerated depreciation, SEC reporting, electronic data input and special reports and modifications.

We will award 1 hour of CPE and CLE for attending.


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03/10/16 1.0 Intro FREE Purchase Access
Flight Tax Systems Users Guide to Advanced Features 2-25-2016

Flight Tax Systems Users Guide to Advanced Features 2-25-2016.

This 1 hour FREE WEBINAR will explain how Flight Tax Systems handles deadhead flights, international SIFL flights, cost center reporting, passive activity reporting and special...

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02/25/16 1 Intro FREE Purchase Access
Flight Tax Systems Users Guide to Features and Reporting

This webinar will cover Flight Tax Systems Features and Reporting, including:

- Account setup and system options
- Modules
- Setup aircraft
- Employees and guest options
- Entering flights
- Overview of IRS reporting...

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02/11/16 1 Intro FREE Purchase Access
SIFL / Entertainment Cost Disallowance 12-10-2015

Learn the rules and techniques for calculating the tax consequences from the personal use of company aircraft. Includes using spreadsheets to track flights and prepare tax computations. Participants will gain an in-depth practical understanding of...

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12/10/15 1.5 Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
Entertainment Cost Disallowance - 07/09/2015

Learn the latest techniques and strategies for reporting the cost limitations from entertainment flights. The discussion includes examination of the IRS definitions of business, non-business-non-entertainment, and entertainment flights. We will cover...

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07/09/15 1.00 Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
SIFL – Standard Industry Fare Level - 06/11/2015

The IRS safe-harbor Standard Industry Fare Level (SIFL) rate tables are the most widely-used method of calculating the fringe benefits from using company-provided aircraft for personal use. This course will discuss rules for applying the SIFL valuations,...

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06/11/15 1.0 Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
Strategies for Managing Florida Sales and Use Tax on Aircraft - 05/21/2015

We will review buying and selling aircraft in Florida, sales tax exemptions, leasing rules and restrictions, and Florida use tax provisions. We cover leasing structures and the 6% of 1% self-use provision, the Florida trade-in allowance, and maintenance...

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05/21/15 1.0 Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
Flight Tax Systems (FTS) Overview

This 1 hour FREE WEBINAR will address documentation and reporting for year-end closing and how Flight Tax Systems handles these issues.

We will also address SEC reporting, cost center reporting, state reports, special reports and using FTS...

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01/22/15 60 Min Intro FREE Purchase Access
Flight Tax Systems Version 3.1

Review of all FTS features, and how they correspond to reporting rules for: - SIFL, - Entertainment Cost Disallowance, -SEC reporting, - Cost center reporting, State tax reporting.
Changes and improvements in upcoming version 3.1.
New features...

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12/04/14 1 Intro FREE Purchase Access
Tax Issues For Owner Pilots 06/26/2014

This webinar will address the tax benefits from using your owner/pilot-flown aircraft for business purposes. This webinar is specifically for owners of aircraft where the business aircraft is owned by an individual. It is not intended for those who...

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06/26/14 1.0 Advanced $98.00 Purchase Access
SIFL and Cost Disallowance: Reporting Personal Use of Business Aircraft 5-22-14

This webinar includes a practical discussion on calculating and reporting SIFL imputed employee and guest flight benefits. Attendees will learn how to use the seat-mile, seat-hour, and flight-by-flight reporting rules to comply with reporting requirements...

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05/22/14 1 Hour + Q&A Advanced $98.00 Purchase Access
Business Use - Individual-owned Aircraft

Aviation tax issues are somewhat different for owner-pilots than for aircraft owned by companies or operated by flight departments. This webinar will review aircraft ownership structures, tax planning, and general federal and state tax issues specifically...

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12/17/13 1 Hour + Q&A Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
Entertainment Cost Disallowance Reporting

The IRS provides 4 methods of calculating the newly-finalized Entertainment Cost Disallowance Regulations. This webinar reviews specified individuals, the definition of entertainment flights, deadhead flight rules, open jaw flights, and the interest-...

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11/21/13 1 Hour + Q&A Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
Federal Excise Tax Issues

Part 135 Charters, Charter Brokers, Flight Department Companies, Management Companies, Timesharing, and Schwab Flights are all subject to Federal Excise Tax reporting. Many owners and charter operators are reporting increases of IRS audits and FET...

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11/14/13 1 Hour + Q&A Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
06-27-2013 Tax Preparation Company-Owned Aircraft

Preparing tax returns for individual-owned aircraft (reporting on 1040s) involve ordinary and necessary use rules, hobby losses, depreciation, passive loss limitations, personal use, federal excise tax issues, and owner basis rules. This webinar will...

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06/27/13 1 Hour + Q & A Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
01-31-2013 Tax Issues for Aircraft Owned by an Individual - The Basics

We created this webinar topic to supplement our Personal Use of Company Owned Aircraft and Entertainment Cost Disallowance webinars. We will cover the deductability of costs for your aircraft, leasing of your aircraft to others as well as considerations...

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01/31/13 1 Hour + Q & A Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
01-24-2013 Personal Use of Company Aircraft - The Basics

A full hour webinar devoted to explaining the basics of the tax code and regulations governing the personal use of company provided aircraft. This webinar is for the personal use of company provided aircraft, where the ultimate aircraft owner is a...

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01/24/13 1 Hour + Q & A Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
11-15-2012 IRS Reporting for the Personal Use of Company Aircraft

Learn the rules and techniques for calculating the taxable benefit from the personal use of company aircraft. The course is intended for accounting and flight department staff, as well as CPAs and attorneys who assist clients with aircraft tax reporting...

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11/15/12 1 Hour + Q & A Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
IRS Passive Activity Loss Limitations for Aircraftt

Rental activities associated with aircraft limit the deductions we can take on our tax returns. This webinar reviews the law and regulations as well as the IRS tax reporting aspects of this popular cash-flow enhancing activity. See how to presentPAL...

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01/26/12 1 hour + Q&A Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
IRS Aircraft Audit Issues - 11-03-2011

Revised for 2011, with more examples, and more cases! This presentation covers 6 IRS Code and Reg. Sections most often encountered in aircraft audits.

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11/03/11 1 hour + Cases 1/2hr Intro $98.00 Purchase Access
IRS Audit Issues for Aircraft Owners

This free informational webinar will provide an overview of the fundamentals of an IRS audit of an aircraft.

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10/28/10 1/2 Hour + Q & A Intro FREE Purchase Access

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Access to Recorded Webinars allows the purchaser to view the presentation via an internet connection. Upon purchasing access, an e-mail containing a link to the presentation will be sent to the e-mail address used in the registration. The recording can be viewed many times, however, the purchaser may not distribute the link provided without the express coment of Wolcott Aviation Seminars, LLC.